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Located at 76 Webster St. Worcester,Β  MA




  •   You will not find a better shop to go to for traditional style pieces. I have been tattooed here a few times and every time has been a great experience.
    The shop is very clean and has some cool decor. The vibe in there is great and immediately puts you at ease.
    The artists are all excellent and love what they do. You can tell by the effort and care they put into their work. They will openly communicate with you and confirm everything about the piece beforehand, to make sure you are absolutely happy with the piece you are getting.
    The owner, Shawn, is awesome and super personable. Mark, Steban and Dan are also all great to work with. The price point is on par with the excellent quality.
    They are tucked into a spot where there are many factory buildings, so make sure you don't miss it. This is a shop you definitely want to stop at for some amazing traditional work.

    thumb Ashley B.
  •   Well worth the drive all the way from Boston( I know it's not really that far)!! Β Scallywags is the least pretentious tattoo shop in the world, yet very talented. Posi-vibes and great work. Some clowns will try to tell you you need to pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars for great work but that's simply not the case. Shaun the owner has been tattooing for over a dozen years and is happy to work with customers to achieve their exact vision. Bright bold designs are his trademark, but whatever you want I'm sure he can handle it. Before you pay Boston's inflated prices take a ride out to Wormtown and see how a down-home approach to tattooing still flourishes in a world of sold-out suckers, hipsters and wanna-be's.

    thumb Deviant S.
  •   Went in there last minute and Jamie really was professional greeting us and taking care of what I wanted. Β Lots of question was ask tells me he really wanted to make sure everything is on point with my tattoo.

    thumb John s.